About MDIS

Metro Detroit Integrated Systems

Metro Detroit Integrated Systems is an established integration solutions company that brings simplicity to businesses through the installation of new-age technology. At Metro Detroit Integrated Systems, our specialized team of systems designers and installers work closely with you to implement tailor-made solutions for your business’ unique needs. Whether we are dealing with Network Infrastructure, CCTV Surveillance, VoIP Phone Systems, our primary goal is to provide your business the technology it needs to function and perform at its highest.


Focus on our Clients
Trusted Equipment
Knowledgeable Technicians
Reliable and Timely Service

MDIS takes careful consideration of every single project at hand, separating us from others in our industry ― your experience with MDIS will be phenomenal, guaranteed!

Our Team

MDIS prides itself on having a team that is passionate and dedicated. MDIS’s technicians are both certified installers and specialized in custom design and integrated solutions to provide you with an innovative system that meets your specific needs.

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