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As part of the MDIS lineup of brands, Alibi Security is a valuable addition for customers who need reliable security solutions at an affordable price point. Despite not having the same level of sophistication and high-end features as some of our other CCTV brands, Alibi Security is well-regarded for delivering good quality products that meet the needs of customers with tight budgets.

Alibi Security offers a wide range of cost-effective network IP cameras, video recorders, and access control systems that are suitable for different security requirements. For instance, small business owners can opt for simple camera systems to monitor their storefronts, while larger enterprises can choose more comprehensive solutions for their entire business operations.

Moreover, Alibi Security has a solid reputation for delivering responsive and helpful customer service, as well as specialized support for all its products. Customers can benefit from the company's affiliations with many well-known security brands and its commitment to providing high-quality customer service and support.

Alibi Security products are widely distributed across North America, making them a trusted and dependable choice for customers who prioritize reliability and affordability. By choosing Alibi Security as part of our brand lineup, MDIS can provide customers with a security solution that meets their needs without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for a cost-effective security solution, contact MDIS today to learn more about Alibi Security and if it would be appropriate for your CCTV environment.

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