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Altronix is a commercial manufacturer of security power and infrastructure products. MDIS trusts Altronix and prefers it’s industrial grade products on its large to mid-size CCTV Security Systems and Commercial Access Control Systems.

MDIS uses Altronix’s 12VDC / 24VAC commercial power supplies for its large analog CCTV system deployments for their rugged quality and durability.

For MDIS large to mid-sized access control systems MDIS prefers and trusts Altronix for its commercial power supplies to stand-up against the most difficult access control requirements. Altronix is the perfect choice for door strikes as well as single door electromagnetic locks, and double door electromagnetic locks because of its clean power with built-in backup battery.

Altronix’s featured products include; (Trove LINQ8CM, Tango1B, NetWaySP1BTWP, NetWay8BT, NetWay5B, and MaxFit33FE).

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