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Bogen Communications understands that its paging systems will be mission-critical and indispensable to the daily operations of its end users. Bogen manufactures value-conscious horns, microphones, speakers, and amplifiers that allow your voice to be heard in any combination of zones throughout expansive facilities. The brand offers remarkable consistency, durability, and strength over time. It is not unheard of for MDIS to stumble across a Bogen paging system that is decades old and still functions as well as the first day it was put in. Bogen products have innovative and great functionality. Bogen products are capable of integrating with a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Phone Line to allow for you to “call” your paging system from a cell phone and have a dial by zone directory, enabling you to communicate with your facility remotely. Bogen products can be configured to announce scheduled messages at certain times of the day, such as “closing warnings” or “store closed” statements, to alleviate that responsibility from employees on a recurring daily basis. Bogen Communications products work great in the Education, Hospitality, Industrial, Restaurant, Retail, and Municipal verticals. However, they are suitable for any application in which you need your voice heard around a facility. Even in the loudest ambient sound environments, such as a clanging or whirring manufacturing facility with loud decibel (Db) levels, an adequately designed Bogen system will successfully get your paging message communicated.

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