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CradlePoint allows users to connect remote and in-the-field network-based devices to the WAN (Wide Area Network) wirelessly using the power of LTE and 5G wireless cellular networks. CradlePoint products enable users to access the WAN with boundless reach, robust reliability, and dynamic and real-time agility. Remote connectivity is essential for many businesses and government agencies with unique requirements that an ISP (Internet Service Provider) cannot accommodate. CradlePoint allows their device users to connect to remote sites in the “middle of nowhere” geographically, easily. CradlePoint LTE devices combine fixed and temporary locations, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices anywhere in a simple, secure, and wireless way. MDIS loves CradlePoint because it allows our company to deploy IP-based CCTV systems in areas without an internet service provider to provide a WAN (Wide Area Network) uplink. In addition, CradlePoint allows for the deployment of security cameras in moving vehicles that record back to a centralized network recording server for things such as fleet vehicles, semi-truck containers, and municipal busses or police cars. If your organization has a remote or mobile application, a purpose-built CradlePoint LTE and 5G cellular wireless edge router may be the perfect solution for your WAN (Wide Area Network) accessibility needs.

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