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Proactive Data Storage and Monitoring is a leader in cost-effective long-term recording solutions for IP and Analog CCTV surveillance. Back up your video, local & cloud, and retrieve easily using Proactive Data Storage solutions proudly offered from MDIS. Now, your CCTV surveillance system from Metro Detroit Integrated Systems can record onsite as well as in the cloud for “months” or even “years” using Proactive patented video backup and storage solutions. Have peace of mind knowing that your business will never lose recording footage again by implementing this value-added solution to your current IP or Analog CCTV equipment. ProActive’s cloud recording solutions include Air, Sky, Core, and Enterprise. Contact MDIS today to learn more about Proactive Storage Solutions and how your camera system can record for months or even years (onsite and in the cloud), so you can tackle whatever life has in store for your business next.

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