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Vanco is MDIS’s preferred choice of HD interconnects and HD media distribution products for their” low out of box failure rate” and “superb high quality” standards for all its commercial audio visual deployments. Vanco makes high-quality HDMI and other media cables, capable of up to 4K and 8K signals at up to 48gbps, that have smaller heads.

Vanco is a brand that offers stellar media distribution solutions for every installation.

Vanco has an expansive product offering of Media Over IP, Cables, Extenders, & Baluns that can be selected to best suit the scale, price, and needs of any particular installation application. Media over IP products use a network infrastructure as a backbone and are a more modern, flexible, scalable, approach to media distribution. technology so that they stay connected even when jostled.

Vanco HDBaseT media extenders allow you to send a video signal long distances over shielded category cabling.

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