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Your Benefits

  • Advanced CCTV Security Camera Systems & Video Management Software Analytics
  • Facility-Wide Security Control with Access Control Solutions
  • Audiovisual Museum Exhibits and Spectaculars
  • Easy Remote Multi-Building Digital Signage Announcements
  • Simple Video Conferencing and Presentations in Classrooms, Auditoriums, and Conference Rooms.
  • Heightened Security, Safety, and Surveillance Capabilities
  • Strong, Fast, and Secure Wifi and Wired Networks

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Museum & Nonprofit Vendor
  • Compliance with the highest Industry Standards of Installation
  • Unwaveringly Accountable, Meticulous, and Responsive Staff
  • Best-In-Class Equipment with Uncompromising Reliability
  • Flexible, Creative, & WIlling to design solutions around your needs and budget
  • Timely and Professional Service Calls and Ongoing Support
  • Hands-On Teaching & Education to Help You Understand Your Equipment

Museums, Galleries, Exhibits, Displays, Foundations, Spectaculars, & more!

Museums are cherished spaces for the public, that demand exceptional low-voltage technological capabilities with unwavering reliability. Look no further than MDIS, LLC!

Museums house items and exhibits of tremendous value, funnel hundreds and thousands of individuals through them daily, and are quite simply gigantic spaces. What that means is that museums need vendors with strong capabilities in CCTV, Audio Video, Networking, Access Control, Professional Audio Video, and Digital Signage.

CCTV Security Cameras and advanced Video Management Software Analytics are crucial to any modern museum's successful operation. Security Cameras ensure that patrons are keeping to themselves, and not doing anything dangerous, harmful, or disruptive. Furthermore, security camera software analytics can monitor things such as object removal, line crossing, loitering, item abandonment, people counting, and more.

Museums also are in need of innovative and creative audio-visual solutions constantly. Sound can amplify the senses and provide an immersive exhibit experience, themed to the area it is in. Furthermore, digital wayfinding solutions, digital signage for announcements, donor recognition video wall displays, and projection mapping all make wonderful additions to museum spaces.

Most museums also have a "back end" in which there are classrooms and conference rooms. Like any office environment, these spaces require microphones, speakers, and conferencing camera capabilities to allow for presentations, live streaming, and video conferencing. MDIS is an expert in these kinds of AV solutions.

Museums have many doors, strict schedules, and tight permission sets regarding who is allowed where and at what time. They are excellent candidates for access control (key fobs, and key cards) as well as video intercom systems. By integrating access control with video management software, the two systems can "play together nicely" to show you who used their keycards on the CCTV playback footage.

Lastly, museums need great networks, period. Fiber, Wi-Fi, and Data Cabling are a "must" in all museums for the successful operations of staff and the enjoyment of patrons. Wi-Fi networks can be configured in a fashion to gather guest users' email addresses for email marketing, manage their speeds and duration, and keep their traffic on "clean" and "appropriate" sites.

MDIS, LLC loves art, culture, history, science, and education... and so, we would love it if you would reach out today so we can learn about how we can be of service to your museum.

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