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Your Benefits

  • NDAA-Compliant CCTV Security Cameras for Enhanced Safety and Surveillance
  • Easy Remote Digital Signage Announcements for Multi-Building Transportation Facilities
  • Improved Communication and Passenger Announcements for Travelers
  • Spectacular A/V Oversight with Control Rooms for Dispatch and Emergencies
  • Reliable Wired and Wireless Internet Access for Transportation Operations and Passengers
  • Synchronized Time for Smooth Operations throughout Transportation Facilities
  • Better Security with Access Control and Door Entry Systems for Sensitive Areas

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Vendor for Transportation & Municipal Projects
  • Compliant with Industry Standards for Top-Quality Installation
  • Accountable and Responsive Staff for Unwavering Service
  • Best-In-Class Equipment with Uncompromising Reliability
  • Flexible and Creative Solutions to Fit Your Needs and Budget
  • Timely and Professional Service Calls with Obsessive Customer Service
  • Hands-On Education for Equipment Understanding and Maintenance

Airports, Railways, Busses, Ports, & Transit Centers

Welcome to MDIS, your premier provider of low-voltage solutions for the Transportation industry.

We understand that reliable and efficient low-voltage solutions are essential for ensuring safe and smooth operations in Transportation facilities such as Airports, Railways, Ports, Bus stations, Onboard Busses and Rails, Transit Centers, Weigh Stations, Rest Stops, and more.

At MDIS, we offer a wide range of low-voltage solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each Transportation facility. Our services include IP CCTV Security Camera Systems, Access Control and Door Entry Systems, Wifi, Data Cabling, and Fiber Optic Cabling, Digital Signage Screens and Video Walls, IP Clock Systems, and Distributed Audio Video Systems, Paging Systems, Sound Systems, and more.

Our IP CCTV Security Camera Systems provide reliable and high-quality video surveillance for monitoring passenger and vehicle activity, while our Access Control and Door Entry Systems secure sensitive areas such as maintenance and control rooms. We provide Wifi, Data Cabling, and Fiber Optic Cabling for high-speed internet access, which is essential for Transportation operations, including ticketing and scheduling systems. Digital Signage Screens and Video Walls can be used to provide important information and entertainment to passengers. Our IP Clock Systems provide synchronized time throughout the Transportation facility, which is essential for maintaining smooth operations. Lastly, Distributed Audio Video Systems and Sound Systems provide entertainment and safety messages throughout the Transportation facility, enhancing the experience of travelers.

Contact MDIS today to learn more about how our low-voltage solutions can help improve your Transportation operations.

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