Audio/Video at RDNC Indiana

Indianapolis, IN

MDIS programmed and installed AMX audiovisual and automation equipment for a freshly renovated, enterprise-scale logistics depot and attached commercial office space in Indianapolis, IN.

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MDIS programmed and installed AMX audiovisual and automation equipment for a freshly renovated, enterprise-scale logistics depot and attached commercial office space in Indianapolis, IN. At the facility, MDIS outfitted (1) large divisible multipurpose space, (1) large mixology sales demonstration space, and (2) elegant conference rooms.

For the large divisible multipurpose space, MDIS furnished a 3000sqft+ multipurpose space with an intuitive AMX audio video system capable of whole venue video conferencing and various partition scenarios. MDIS needed to provide a custom AMX system that was simple to operate, yet could handle significant complexity of application. The customer wanted the ability to split the space into thirds, halves, and leave it undivided; letting the matrix switcher toggle sources and outputs, usb accessories, microphones, and speakers accordingly. At the heart of this deployment was an AMX Netlinx NX Integrated Controller fed to (1) AMX Modero S Series Touch Panel placed in the presenter’s podium on the stage in the front of the auditorium. AMX Metreau Keypads were used in each rear additional divisible space. IP-based video transceiver and receiver baluns and shielded category cabling were utilized to allow for video matrixing. ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Arrays as well as Vaddio Roboshot PTZ conferencing cameras were used to allow for “large scale” live broadcasts of company meetings. The company’s color scheme and logo assets were incorporated into the touch panel aesthetic. Using the touch panel, the speaker(s) have access to any and all desired media inputs, including any digital user devices, accessory media players, and cable boxes. The system offered both wired and wireless input functionality, as well as multiple in-room PC’s for convenience. This cutting edge system allows for the centralized control of all A/V elements in the auditorium by the speaker(s). At the fingertips of of speaker(s) is the control of the projector system consisting of (1) 198” motorized tab tensioned Draper projection screen and (1) Commercial Laser Projector; the auxiliary side displays installed within each partitionable space, as well as the Shure Bros, ClearOne, and Bose microphone/speaker system.

For the large mixology sales demonstration space, MDIS deployed a “live streaming” and “local presentation” system to allow for effective communication. This space was to be utilized by liquor manufacturers to teach our customer’s regional sales representatives cocktail recipes made with their liquors, in order to help our customer drive sales to restaurants and bars. In order for the bartender presenters to demonstrate effectively to everyone in the room, MDIS installed an overhead Axis Communications live streaming PTZ Camera to film what their hands were doing. Live Video was distributed throughout the space to (1) Samsung 75” 4K Commercial Display that was mounted in an overhead fashion. Shure Brothers SLX lavalier cardioid microphones and Bose FreeSpace 70V speakers were used to provide speech reinforcement throughout the entire space at a comfortable volume. MDIS is proud to have helped our customers’ spectators engage with their sales presenters in an immersive fashion.

For the Conference rooms, MDIS installed brand new commercial displays onto wood paneling, keeping the mahogany walls intact while also outfitting the space with technology needed to keep up with modern communication demands. The spaces had a variety of inputs and outputs, allowing the users to use hardwired cords, wireless casting, or an in room PC depending on their requirements.

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