Audio/Video at University Prep Highschool

Detroit, MI

MDIS provided professional audiovisual setups for the Gymnasium and Auditorium of a private charter High School located in Detroit, MI.

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MDIS provided professional audiovisual setups for the Gymnasium and Auditorium of a private charter High School located in Detroit, MI. MDIS was contacted regarding outfitting a large high-school Gymnasium with commercial audio setup, as well as improving an existing Auditorium setup that was furnished by a previous vendor who our client was dissatisfied with.

In the Gymnasium, the school was looking for a professional solution for an audio setup to use during basketball games, school dances, and miscellaneous activities that take place in the gymnasium. The space was outfitted with a pair of “gorgeous sounding” JBL PRX 15 Two-Way Full-Range Speakers powered by a robust Crown XTI 4002 commercial amplifier that fills the room with crystal-clear loud audio. Shure SLX wireless handheld microphones with PA805SWB Passive Directional Antenna(s) were outfitted in the gym to combat the giant space to ensure high-quality sound would be provided at all times. A DBX DriveRack EQ and Denon Professional DN-312X 12-Channel Mixer were utilized to connect together the clients existing microphones, and wireless microphones as well as their projector cart and Gym teacher’s mobile device bluetooth connection. The equipment was neatly and professionally installed in a locked/secured gym instructor’s office, out of sight but still easily controllable during basketball and school events.

In the Auditorium, MDIS completely redesigned the space’s audiovisual equipment to improve the functionality of the space. The Audiorium’s legacy existing system was plagued by echoing feedback, poor audio quality, and latency, which frustrated our client greatly. After diagnosing their old system’s issues, MDIS determined the speakers, amplifier, motorized screen, and projector could be “repurposed” to save the customer money. From there, MDIS worked directly with JBL to relocate the existing speakers and equipment to improve the sound quality of the space. To improve the audio quality and address the client's echoing feedback concerns, a DBX DriveRack DSP and Kramer 8-button keypad were added to improve the functionality of and sound quality of the clients existing equipment. The existing surface mount JBL loudspeakers were relocated from behind the presentation area which was resulting in “vast amounts of feedback” forward in front of the speaker which resolved the problem and drastically reduced the feedback. MDIS also commissioned and furnished custom construction of ultra-suede custom shape sound paneling using the schools existing interior decorating styling and colors to disappear into the space.

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