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MDIS furnished all low voltage services for a lively and exciting entrepreneurial venture: Detroit’s first and only climbing gym located in historic Eastern Market.

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MDIS furnished all low voltage services for a lively and exciting entrepreneurial venture: Detroit’s first and only climbing gym located in historic Eastern Market. MDIS’s customer was a young entrepreneur whose vision was to bring fitness and his love of rock climbing back to his hometown. The climbing gym was designed to be a healthy space for people of all ages and abilities who are looking to hone their climbing skills, get in a good sweat or to try something new. MDIS was tasked with having to anticipate all of the future business’ low voltage needs. MDIS lovingly designed and artfully selected all the appropriate audio-visual, network, security, technologies for the would-be demanding space. Being a startup, MDIS was conscious to balance functionality and price, to get an optimal value for our customer. MDIS worked closely with the client, architect, and general contractors throughout this new construction project’s design, installation, and now warranty / service phases of the project.

The large warehouse climbing space, with areas towering nearly 60+ ft. near jagged rock climbing walls, demanded loud, quality audio to engage and excite climbers during their workouts. MDIS and JBL worked closely with one another to design a distributed audio system using JBL Control 65 P/T 70V Pendant Speakers and JBL Control 16 C/T Ceiling Speakers to segment the different gym zones. The bouldering, rock climbing walls, yoga, workout, reception, and restrooms can easily be controlled at your fingertips using wall mounted touchpanels in administrative areas. Users can select from a multitude of online streaming sources to “get the party started.” The system is also used for announcements and clients paging needs; MDIS outfitted the manager's office areas and front desk with Bogen Gooseneck microphones which “duck” the music so announcements can be heard by patrons.

MDIS also provided the customer with wired and wireless connectivity using Category Cabling 6 coupled with Ubiquiti Unifi Gateway, Ubiquiti Cloud key, Ubiquiti PoE Switches, and Ubiquiti Access Points (WAP) to provide our customer with a professional, neat solution while trying to adhere to lean startup budget. This setup allowed the customer to create a “public” guest network, with limited speed which was virtually segmented using VLAN setup from their secure “private” network to allow for two separate networks onsite.

IP Surveillance systems were required by the client both for security and insurance purposes; as the gym is located in a busy metropolitan area in downtown Detroit as well as has dozens of customers in the facility at any given time climbing rock climbing walls. Nearly 30+ fixed, and panoramic cameras were installed in the interior and exterior perimeter of the facility to provide comprehensive coverage of areas in need. The IP cameras are recording onsite on a stand-alone network recording server and the clients, managers, and trainers have access to the system onsite from their office areas as well as remotely to keep tabs on what's going on that day in the gym.

MDIS also assisted with the clients Audio-Visual setups and digital signage needs for the “new construction” rock climbing facility. The clients who required digital signage in their retail and check-in areas were outfitted with multiple Philips -Q-Line and D-Line Professional monitors by MDIS. These Phillips digital signage monitors were selected for their cost effective price point, 16/7 continuous use and commercial brightness, as well as featuring “free no subscription” Philips CMND Android based digital signage software which can be controlled by the owner via his Apple MacBook on the fly as his needs change.

Event space and Office Areas were also set up with large display screen an or projector setups to be used by staff for safety training or for clients during large events allowing for both hardwired HDMI connection and wireless connection to these display areas. The sound in the presentation areas can be distributed locally using the ceiling speakers and sound setups in these areas.

MDIS is proud to provide a well thought-out and meticulously low voltage deployment that will play a part in helping members of the Detroit community enjoy rock climbing as a fitness and recreational activity for the first time.

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