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Looking to update or make additions to existing coaxial cable systems?

Analog CCTV Systems utilize Coaxial Cabling, BNC Compression Connectors, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and Analog Video Signals to capture Video Surveillance Footage.

MDIS often works with clients who wish to update or make additions to existing coaxial cable systems. While we often encourage clients to upgrade to modern cabling systems such as Category 6 (due to their higher resolutions and IP Network features), we work with customers to improve and troubleshoot their legacy Analog CCTV Systems due to the sometimes infeasible nature of re-cabling a large coaxial system.

Please see below for further information, or Get in Touch Today, to learn how an MDIS CCTV Security Camera Surveillance System can help you.

MDIS can create Hybrid CCTV Systems, by installing new IP servers in conjunction with older analog encoders. However, we recommend that our clients install new Category 6 Cabling and pursue an IP CCTV System to take advantage of improved modern security features and camera technology.

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