- Cloud-Based Access Control -

Maintain full control over who has access to what and when.

Cloud-based access control systems are amazing solutions for multi-facility use cases, where multiple people will be responsible for managing the system’s credentials and users. Like in any access control system, a cloud-based system gives you power over user schedules as well as default states of doors. You will be in full control over who has access to what and when.

Cloud-based access control systems give immediate systemwide synchronization to all doors at all facilities. This enables employees to move throughout various sites anywhere in the world while retaining access to the doors appropriate and needed for them. The scalability of cloud-based access control systems is excellent, allowing companies and organizations to add more sites and expand without having their access control system constrain them. Furthermore, for companies with higher turnover, cloud-based access control systems give management the ability to easily and remotely remove those who are no longer with the company from the system, ensuring a high level of security at all times.

An added benefit of a cloud-based access control platform is its ability to be monitored on a systemwide level remotely. System administrators have the ability to monitor the health and wellbeing of connected devices and ensure that everything has the most secure and up-to-date firmware versions.

Customarily, a cloud-based access control solution will carry with it a lower up-front initial investment and a “pay as you go” SAAS pricing model on a per door basis when compared with an onsite legacy-style system.

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