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Rest easy knowing that your footage will be there when it is needed the most.

Cloud-based CCTV security camera storage provides security camera system owners added assurance that their footage will be there when it is needed the most. Rather than storing your security camera footage onsite, cloud-based security camera storage enables users to keep it in an enterprise grade safe and climate-controlled data center with redundant backups.

With cloud-based storage, the footage you need to pull is not vulnerable to tamper, theft, destruction, fire, water, or acts of God at your facility. Storing the footage of the facility you need covered, at the very facility being covered, can occasionally lead to unfortunate outcomes.

The scalability of cloud-based security camera systems is wonderful. With a cloud-based storage plan, you are not limited by the physical constraints of how many HDD storage drives your recording server can hold. As your needs evolve, you can expand the amount of storage space you are subscribed to, putting you in control over how many cameras your system is capable of running and how long you would like to archive your footage for.

There is absolutely no limit on the length of time you can archive CCTV recording footage when you are using cloud-based CCTV solutions. By utilizing advanced video management software (VMS) features, such as “video scrubbing” or re-rendering video with a lower frames per second (FPS) and lower resolution, it is possible to boost the amount of time your footage gets stored for and get a better value out of your investment. This enables users to archive far more than the typical “two weeks” or “thirty days,” and easily play back footage from months, or even years ago.

As long as you have an internet connection where you are at, you can access your CCTV footage from anywhere. Furthermore, Cloud video surveillance lets users with multiple facilities see all their different sites on one merged and synced system.

An added benefit of a cloud-based security camera platform is their ability to be maintained on a systemwide level remotely. System administrators have the ability to monitor the health and wellbeing of connected IP cameras, ensuring that devices have the most secure and up-to-date firmware versions.

It is possible to have your cameras record directly to the cloud, with no onsite recording, or to record both onsite with a physical server as well as perform periodic cloud backups for redundancy. Maintaining an onsite server assists with latency for day-to-day operations and live viewing.

Customarily, a cloud-based security camera solution will carry with it a lower up-front initial investment, and a “pay as you go” SAAS pricing model on a per GB or per IP camera basis, when compared with an onsite system.

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