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Send data at the speed of light with Fiber Optic Cabling!

MDIS offers all leading varieties of fiber optic cabling (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OM5) and is able to provide an assortment of connections (SC, LC, FC, and ST). MDIS provides single mode, multimode, all-dielectric self-supporting “ADSS” aerial, and armored fiber optic cabling. MDIS offers (2), (6), (12), (24+) strand fiber optic cabling options as well to future proof your facility as your needs scale and evolve.

Armored jacketing is tamper, UV/weather, and rodent resistant to ensure that your most critical connections remain protected under all circumstances. Redundant fiber optic cabling loops ensure that your facility stays connected, even if one IDF happens to go offline. MDIS installs both interior and exterior cabling, that utilize above ground or underground pathways to link your buildings together.

Fiber Optic cabling is the leading, industry-standard way to link a main distribution frame (MDF) with your various intermediate distribution frames (IDFs) in an enterprise networking environment. Fiber optic cabling installations allows you to create a robust network backbone and infrastructure to minimize your company’s downtime and ensure fast reliable connection at all times.

Unlike Copper cabling, which uses electricity to transmit signals through its strands, fiber optic cabling uses light pulses through a glass or plastic core to achieve this same goal instead. This enables users to achieve lightning-fast internet speeds, and create networks as fast as 10GbE, 40GbE, and even 100GbE. Further, fiber optic cabling allows users to transmit signals further than with copper cabling, up to thousands of meters. This allows users to connect together buildings and townships, creating a fast network despite physical distances.

Purchasing fiber optic cabling from Metro Detroit Integrated Systems is an integrated process, all under one single roof. When you pick Metro Detroit Integrated Systems, you will receive hands on, knowledgeable guidance and support spanning all aspects of fiber optic cabling ownership: Design, Sales, Installation, and Service.

MDIS will consult in designing your network, selecting your fiber, its connections, its locations, and how many strands are needed. MDIS systems designers will design a comprehensive fiber backbone for your business that will be deliberately planned for running fiber optic cabling, seeking to eliminate unnecessary bends and minimize turns. Our experienced and technically certified installation technicians will work proactively to install your fiber optic cabling in a timely, neat, and professional fashion. We will work around your company’s schedule and operations, to assist you in minimizing downtime. Fiber optic cabling will be routed through saddle rings, j-hooks, and cable tray in a fashion compliant with BISCI standards, and will be fusion spliced onsite in a sterile fashion to ensure minimal signal degradation.

MDIS provides fiber certification testing utilizing a Fluke DSX-5000 cable certification tester for all fiber optic cabling installations. Certification provides assurance that everything is working exactly as intended. Furthermore, it may qualify you for limited lifetime warranties with fiber optic cabling manufacturers should there be any issues down the line.

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