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A broken clock is right twice a day; an MDIS IP Clock System is always correct!

Gone are the days of dead batteries, clocks with different times, and dreaded daylight savings time adjustments. IP Clock Systems are used in large enterprise and campus environments, where having a standardized timekeeping system is critical to coordination and schedule changes. A centralized time keeping server does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to make and push adjustments to the extremities of your facility with ease. IP Clock systems utilize category 6 data cabling and power over ethernet (PoE) to connect each clock in a consolidated and synchronized fashion across your facility.

Routine adjustments such as daylight savings time are done automatically, based on the location of the clock system. The systems are even smart enough to remember leap years, and display the date right on February 29th.

IP Clock Systems can double as a mass notification / paging system for tornado, fire, intrusion, and emergency alerts through your facility. In this sense, they are a wonderful way to display directed messages in certain rooms or general alerts across the whole organization, should that ever be needed.

IP Clock Systems can be configured to have various chimes, bells, and notifications to signal room changes, shift changes, and break times. These different time splits are configurable from an intuitive centralized dashboard, and can be changed as your needs change.

IP Clock Systems are tremendously scalable, allowing you to add clocks in new places as your operations grow and expand.

IP Clock Systems are available in a variety of different styles, sizes, and housings to match your décor and styling. They can be provided in both an analog format with moving hands, as well as a digital format with seven-segment number displays.

Be sure to remember a centralized, simple, IP Network Clock System for your facility; contact MDIS for more information about our IP Clock System Installations!

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