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Transform your server room’s “rat’s nest” into a remarkable, meticulously neat network

MDIS will assist you in transforming your server room’s or IT closet’s “spaghetti,” “rat’s nest,” or “cable monster” into an immaculate, remarkable, meticulously neat network and cabling masterpiece that you will want to show off and be proud of. Furthermore, MDIS is there to help move an existing server room to a new location, which can be a scary and daunting task for even the most experienced IT personnel.

Often, new IT directors are faced with server rooms that “drop their jaws”. Have no fear, MDIS is here to help you get things up to par and on the right track, in the best and industry-leading fashion. We want to make your server room easy to understand, navigate, and maintain going forward.

Every IT Director should have a thorough understanding of what is connected to what, and how it is connected. MDIS will assist with “toning” out and identifying unlabeled or undocumented cabling. When doing a server room or network overhaul or “clean-up”, MDIS will carefully document the way that everything is connected.

From there, we will make it right! MDIS will disconnect everything, re-terminate and re-dress the cabling, and relabel it with a new labeling scheme using vinyl labeling up the wire jacket. MDIS will provide new cable management, cable tray, and rack equipment, and utilize it fully and properly to make what you have beautiful and pretty. Moreover, MDIS will provide you with an as-built drawing and connection diagram, showing you how everything is actually hooked together.

MDIS can assist you in moving your server room / IT room to a new location at your facility, or at another location altogether. We will carefully disassemble things after meticulously documenting them, and then reassemble them in the exact same fashion. While doing this, we will be sure to optimize any unwieldy connections and clean things up along the way. We are happy to take abandoned equipment and recycle it in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way using our technology recycling partners. Upon completion, we aim to provide a thorough and detailed analysis of how things are set up, as well as documentation to assist with future servicing of the newly relocated system.

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