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Provide residents and management the convenience and safety they are seeking.

Multi-Tenant Intercom systems do a brilliant job of providing residents and management in multiple-unit buildings both the convenience and safety they are seeking.

Managing a multitenant building requires balancing the freedom of residents with the general security of the facility. On the one hand, residents would like their guests and themselves to be able to enter freely and leave with ease. On the other, everybody can agree that strangers and unwanted third parties should be kept off the premises whenever possible.

With a multitenant intercom solution, building guests will have the ability to page or call a unit of their choice through the use of a centralized directory, or, they can ring the front desk and ask for assistance that way. Residents and the front desk will be able to remotely unlock various entrances for a brief amount of time using an access control integration, allowing their guests or delivery drivers into the facility. A multitenant intercom solution enables both tenants and the front desk to communicate with those outside the building using high-definition live video streams, as well as two way talk and communication functionality. This ensures that the person on the outside of the building is authenticated and known before being let in. Surely, it is much better to know the identity of who is being let in your building before they are already inside. Multiple entrances, even entrances that belong to detached and independent buildings, can be supported by a single, synchronized intercom system. Furthermore, management personnel can easily accept packages and deliveries on a routine basis, to ensure that valuable shipments are never left outside. This is known to essentially eliminate package theft from third parties. Multitenant Intercom systems can be paired with a smart phone application, if desired, to enable two-way video calling from an application-based, app interface rather than a physical door station. Lastly, an amazing feature is the ability to do SIP and voice over IP (VoIP) phone integration, linking your multitenant intercom solution to your dialing phone system. This lets residents and management speak with guests, and grant them access using a press of a button on their phone’s key pad.

A multi-tenant intercom installation is a phenomenal way to get fewer key fobs in circulation, fewer guests having their residents’ codes, heightened facility security, and far less package theft. Please reach out to MDIS today to learn more about our multitenant intercom and multitenant video intercom installation services.

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