- Topology + As-Built Drawings -

MDIS will help you get a grip on your network’s organization!

MDIS will provide you with a Topology of how your network is set up on a “virtual” level, as well as an As-Built Drawing that depicts its “physical” level too. This will show you how your subnets and VLANs are set up, what IP schemes you are using, what switches connect together with what, and how your IDF’s and MDF get linked up.

Understanding how a network is configured is essential to determining its performance and its security. There are several approaches to how networks can be established, each suitable for different circumstances.

We are happy to provide these services for new networks that we are setting up fresh. Alternatively, MDIS is able to “sniff” out your current wires and get a grasp on how your network is configured in its current state, and give you the appropriate documentation on it.

This is a service that often comes complimentary to a new data cabling, fiber optic cabling, or Wi-Fi installation. Further, it often is desired at the time of a server room overhaul, or migration at the time of transition between geographies or IT Directors.

Document your network, so that you can keep it safe and secure, with MDIS!

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