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Transform your space by displaying images and video in an elaborate fashion.

A video wall is a brilliant array of continuous, almost bezel-free displays that make up an expansive wall of pixels. Video walls can be both beautiful and useful. A video wall can be a show stopping feature for your organization’s lobby to wow your customers and showcase your organization’s branding, products, and promotional videos. Or, a video wall can be a workhorse that users rely on 24/7 to keep organized in mission critical environments where it is essential to maintain heightened productivity and communication.

Video Walls come in an endless variety of configurations, but the most common orientations are “2x2,” “3x3,” and “2x3” layouts. Video Wall panels come in a handful of sizes (42”, 49”, & 55”), feature combined bezel widths of (.3mm, .9mm, & 1.2mm), and resolutions of (1920×1080, & 3840×2160). Video walls can be mounted in traditional “landscape” or “portrait” orientations. Video Walls can be scaled dynamically by adding additional screens to each row and column of the video wall. This allows you to achieve your desired overall video-wall screen size, resolution, or aspect ratio to respect your space’s size, requirements, and budget.

Video Walls are especially useful in a collaborative, mission critical environment. Video walls provide security control centers the flexibility they need to contain any situation or threat. Displays are equipped with a variety of configuration presets and can be controlled by multiple users at once. Pairing your video wall with a video wall control processor allows you to control your video wall either with a cloud based browser GUI interface or a tabletop touch screen. It allows administrators or users to “carve out” various sections of the wall for different input sources. Presets can be made to dedicate different sources to different parts of the wall, depending on the scenario.
Interactive video walls are giant “life-size” touch screens. They are created by “matrixing” multiple touch screen signage displays together, or by adding a custom manufactured “touch overlay” to a standard video wall. The video wall touch screen technology is advanced enough that many fingers can touch the wall at once. Further, you can even rest the palm of your hand on the video wall as you write and gesture, without the touch screen picking that up.

For when you just want to “show off” and you are more concerned with form over functionality, an Artistic Video Wall can be a great way for your organization to shimmer and shine. An Artistic Video wall consists of multiple displays that are collaged at atypical angles, that overlap with one another on an ad hoc basis. They form a mosaic collage, and do not follow a traditional grid array. One display can then get stretched across this “wonky” digital canvas. Artistic video walls will turn heads, attract attention, and be worth remembering and photographing.

Require something a little more high-end with “no seams” or “bezels?” Maybe your project is a good fit for a Direct-View LED Video Wall. Achieve virtually any size display by adding display tiles in the orientation that your application requires. These tiles are Full HD with a bezel-less design. They are perfect for a space that requires the best display technology on the market. They can come with pixel pitches narrow enough to view from standing directly in front of the video wall. They can also be bright-enough to see from the very back of the room or at a great distance.

Digital Signage Players allows users to change the content of their signage so that they never broadcast obsolete information – some of its applications include menu boards, informational boards, and welcome screens.

Often, video walls can be “network based” using category cabling run to each display from an A/V Network Switch with Baluns. Or, they can be traditionally run using HDMI or daisy-chained display port cabling. Cloud based video walls are popular since they can be easily synced up with other digital signage and video walls in different physical locations. Furthermore, it is possible to log into the video wall remotely to change what it is displaying.

Get lost in a sea of pixels! Reach out to MDIS today for a complimentary video wall proposal and discussion to learn more about your organization’s needs.

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