- Digital Signage -

Core Solutions

  • Pro Sound Systems and Pro Video Systems
  • Information, Welcome, and Hospitality Screens
  • Video Walls
  • Multiple, Continuous Screens for Massive Video
  • Interactive Smart Screens
  • Touch screen projectors

Tech Features

  • Customizable information and advertisements
  • Clear Menus, Displays, and Interfaces
  • Immersive Displays to Make Your Business Stand Out

Your Benefits

  • Heightened Communication with Customers, Guests, and Visitors
  • User Friendly and Interactive Signage Solutions
  • Easily Modifiable Digital Content

Unleash Your Message, Two Dimensionally

MDIS Digital Signage allows you to simply type what you want on your signs rather than dealing with costly large-scale printing.

Never underestimate the value of being able to easily convey information to others. With its applications spanning from Restaurants, to waiting rooms, to entranceways, Digital Signage is the modern solution to the age-old problem of not being able to change the content of your signage. For Restaurants, Digital Menu Boards grant the freedom to change the items, prices, and daily specials on the menu. For Office Lobbies and Medical Waiting Rooms, Digital Signage is valuable in that it allows guests to get all the information they need from a brilliant, colorful, and adaptable screen. Digital Signage is also tremendously useful for Hotels, in communicating with their guests.  By utilizing technological advances available today, with companies such as BrightSign, it is easier than ever to communicate information to clients and guests.

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