- Professional Audio/Video -

Core Solutions

  • Pro Sound Systems and Pro Video Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing - DSP
  • Acoustic Paneling and Sound Dampening
  • Organized Rack Setups & Configurations
  • Network Audio Streaming Solutions
  • Handheld and Lavalier Microphones

Tech Features

  • Enhanced Live Performances with Sound and Video
  • Clear Sound Configuration
  • Reduction of Unwanted Noise
  • Intuitive and Easy-To-Use Equipment Setups
  • Control Hub for a Centralized Area

Your Benefits

  • Crystal-Clear, Far-Reaching, and Non-Reverberating Sound
  • Brilliant and Large Video Displays
  • Live Streaming and Video Archiving Capabilities
  • Immersive and Memorable Audience Experiences

Feel Like You’re In The First Row, No Matter Where Your Seat Is.

Stadiums, Theaters, Auditoriums, Lecture Halls, Congregational Areas, and Gymnasiums each use state-of-the-art Pro Audio and Pro Video solutions in unique ways to give their attendees clear sound and brilliant video no matter where their seats are. When dealing with any sort of large venue, things such as loudspeakers, lavalier microphones, acoustic environments, noise dampening, and deliberately organized equipment set-ups become necessary to ensure high sound quality due to the added complexity that outfitting a large space entails. Likewise, video solutions such as brilliant video walls, long-range projectors, and internet streaming capabilities are increasingly necessary for large venues. With our longstanding expertise and extensive experience outfitting Auditoriums, Religious Gathering Spaces, Gymnasiums, and Theaters with Professional-Grade Audio Visual Solutions, MDIS is the perfect provider for your large space’s unique Pro A/V needs. When you choose MDIS services, our primary goal is to give you full control of your surroundings so that you can provide your attendees with the memorable experience that you visualize them having in your facility. Please see below for further information on how an MDIS Pro A/V System can help you, or Get in Touch with MDIS Today.

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