Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has placed a "stay in place" policy for the State of Michigan due to the COVID-19 virus.

During this time, we will be unable to continue to perform any in-person services including finishing existing projects, starting new projects, or having access to any of our distributors.

We here at MDIS truly appreciate your business and our relationship with you. We thank you for your understanding during this time, and we look forward to conquering COVID-19 together and returning to life as normal as soon as possible.


Modern schools have become technological marvels.

Gone are the days of blackboards and clanging bells. More than anywhere else, schools are at the cutting edge of technological advancement. Smart Projectors allow teachers to physically write on digital screens. Microphones and Speakers allow teachers to project their voices clearly to the furthest corners of classrooms. Commercial WiFi Networks enable control over prohibited websites to encourage positive browsing among students. IP Clocks in every room allow perfect timekeeping and painless adjustment for daylight savings time. Digital Scoreboards and Pro Audio in Gymnasiums will allow students to exercise and perform in unprecedented ways. HD IP Digital and Analog CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Systems ensure the safety of students, teachers, and facilities. At MDIS, we understand that at the most fundamental level a school main priority is the safety and education of its students ーso whether you need services to enhance learning, improve communication, or ensure safety, MDIS has you covered. Calling MDIS for a free consultation is the first step to ensuring that your school’s students receive a safe, quality education that will pave the way to their ultimate knowledge and success. Please see below for further information on how an MDIS installation can help you.

Your Benefits

Heightened Learning Environments
Enhanced School Sporting Events, Plays, and Live Performances
Secured Facilities from Unwanted Visitors
Clear Intercom Messages to Students
Fast, Reliable, Monitorable School Networks

Why Choose Us?

Deliberate, Smart, and Organized Project Management
Expert Systems Installers and Systems Engineers
Reliable, Safe, and Painless Installations
Timely and Professional Service Calls
Compliance with Industry Standards for Installation

Services Offered

Classroom Smart Projector Set-ups
Audio/Visual Solutions for Auditoriums and Gymnasiums
Digital IP and HD Analog CCTV Camera Systems
School-Wide Intercom Public Address Systems / IP Clock Systems
Network Infrastructures, Data Cabling, Commercial WiFi

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