How much patience do your patients really have?

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Clinics require strong technological capabilities to support themselves and to provide a welcoming environment for patients and visitors. At MDIS, our team of systems designers, engineers, and installers understand the unique needs of medical facilities. Installations such as Guest WiFi Networks, Televisions and Hospitality Screens, and Ceiling Speakers for ambient music ensure patients have a comforting and calming environment. Additionally, features such as VoIP phone systems and High Speed Data Networks permit seamless communication and access to electronic medical records. Lastly, HD CCTV Security Camera systems protect your facility from theft, danger, and fraudulent claims. Calling MDIS for a free consultation is the first step to ensuring that your medical facility’s patients, doctors, and staff receive the painless experience that they deserve. Please see below for further information on how an MDIS installation can help you.

Your Benefits

Improved Patient Waiting Experiences and Satisfaction
Properly Surveilled Facilities and Operations
Seamless High Speed Internet for Guests and Staff
Enhanced Communication between Staff and Patients
Ability to Monitor Employees’ Performance and Punctuality

Why Choose Us?

Deliberate, Smart, and Organized Project Management
Expert Systems Installers and Systems Engineers
Reliable, Safe, and Painless Installations
Timely and Professional Service Calls
Compliance with Industry Standards for Installation

Services Offered

Digital IP and HD Analog CCTV Camera Systems
Network Infrastructure, Data Cabling, and WiFi Networks
Electronic Signage, Televisions, and Hospitality Screens
VoIP Phone Systems and IP Clocks
Biometric Time Clock and Controlled Access Systems

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