Hosted VoIP Solutions

Juggling Costly Phone Plans is a Hassle.

Simplify the way your business communicates with the Easy, Scalable, and Cost-Effective Communication that a VoIP Phone System enables. VoIP Phones have grown to be a necessity for all businesses. VoIP Phones are popular because they allow a company to add extensions at no added cost, thereby allowing for an infinite amount of users. Furthermore, VoIP Phone Systems are tremendously reliable. At MDIS, our VoIP Phone Systems are hosted remotely, so to avoid costly hardware costs and unpredictable system outages that are associated with local phone system hosting. Not at your desk? VoIP handsets are Bluetooth compatible and feature call forwarding capabilities to your mobile phones so you never miss a call. At MDIS, our expert systems engineers and systems integrators will work with you to create the perfect phone system for your business so that you can worry about your customers, not your phones. If you would like to save on costly phone bills from traditional service providers, please see below for further information on MDIS VoIP Cloud Based Phone Solutions.

What the Technology Offers

Unbounded System Expansion and Scalability
Secure and Reliable Call Transmissions
Easily Migrate Pre-existing Business Phone Numbers

Your Benefits

Comprehensive VoIP Phone System Design and Installation
Bluetooth Compatible Business Phone Handsets for Mobiles
Intuitive System Usage and Efficient Communication
Streamlined Telecommunication Capabilities for Employees


PBX Cloud-Based VoIP Phone System Hosting
Enterprise-Grade Network Data Cabling
VoIP Handset Configuration and Individual Login Capabilities
Bluetooth Compatible VoIP Handsets
VoIP Phone Systems Support Endless New Line Extensions
Email Support for Voicemail and Fax Management

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