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Dell is a global technology brand whose name is synonymous with “excellence.” While Dell offers both consumer and business products and accessories, MDIS most commonly utilizes Dell for its Servers, Storage, and Networking products. These Dell products help MDIS provide our customers with flexible, scalable IT solutions that they can rely on in their mission-critical and high-stakes environments. MDIS often uses network video recorders (NVR) built upon a Dell EMC server chassis for IP Based Security Camera CCTV System deployments. Dell EMC is a division of Dell focused on data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, and cloud computing. These powerful Dell EMC servers help to provide our customers with spectacular features, ultimate performance, and exceptional ease of use. A Dell server can be a simple tower suitable for light loads or companies just migrating to server adoption. Alternatively, a Dell server can be an absolute workhorse that offers massive cache and speeds. Dell servers are pieces of equipment that you can place your trust in for your data’s stability and security. Dell’s extensive options for server processors, expansion, and virtualization are known for their customizability and flexibility. Dell is one of the largest technology corporations globally, and their products, accessories, and equipment is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality, security, performance, and design.

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