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Flir is a best-in-class manufacturer of night-vision, infrared, and thermal imaging IP security cameras. Flir thermal security cameras provide users with industry-leading thermal imaging for both perimeter and broad area protection. For fence lines, borders, and boundaries, Flir thermal imaging cameras are invaluable assets when used in conjunction with line crossing analytics to notify you in real-time when people are entering, exiting, or escaping your facility. A fantastic way to leverage the power of Flir cameras is to use them as input triggers that hand-off targets for ultimate automatic PTZ tracking. With a Flir thermal imaging camera informing it where to look, a Pan Tilt Zoom “PTZ” camera can automatically and instantly snap onto an identified target with brilliant HD 40X zoomed-in video, right where someone broke a perimeter. Flir security cameras are capable of classifying the thermal heat signature of humans and vehicles. Furthermore, Flir security cameras are often used in manufacturing settings to monitor ovens, engines, and machinery operating temperatures that risk overheating. Flir security cameras can often be used for “gas detection” in a way that sends urgent alerts if the seal on a chamber broke and threatening gases are escaping. Flir security cameras are fully compatible with all the leading IP video management software VMS platforms. Furthermore, Flir cameras come with a wide variety of available explosion-protection, vandal-resistance, and environmental ratings that you may need. Rest assured that your Flir security camera will stay reliable, stable, and consistent no matter the application it is being used for.

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