Audio/Video at RDNC Livonia

Livonia, MI

MDIS performed audiovisual and automation work for a brand-new, enterprise-scale logistics depot and attached commercial office space.

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MDIS performed audiovisual and automation work for a brand-new, enterprise-scale logistics depot and attached commercial office space. MDIS outfitted the facility with a turnkey AMX audiovisual system with full functionality, including a (1) enormous divisible multipurpose auditorium, (1) large mixology sales demonstration space, (6) conference rooms, and (1) reception area.

For the enormous divisible multipurpose auditorium, MDIS was tasked with providing a custom AMX automation system that could perform intuitively despite the tremendous complexity of its application. Our customer envisioned an enormous space that could be divided using motorized partitions into up to six independent spaces that could be used simultaneously. The customer wanted the ability to split the space into halves, thirds, sixths, and any combination of configurations to suit their needs “on the fly.” At the center of this installation was an AMX Netlinx NX Integrated Controller fed to (2) AMX Modero S Series Touch Panels placed in respective lecterns at the front of the auditorium, and (4) wall-mounted AMX Metreau Keypads in each of rear additional divisible spaces. IP-based video transceiver and receiver baluns and shielded category cabling were utilized to allow for video matrixing, during this immense programming feat. This state-of-the-art system allows for the centralized control of all A/V elements in the auditorium by the speaker(s). The company’s color scheme and logo assets were incorporated into the touch panel programming. Using the touch panel, the speaker(s) have access to any and all desired media inputs, including any digital user devices, accessory media players, and cable boxes. The system offered both wired and wireless input functionality, as well as multiple in-room PC’s for convenience. At the fingertips of of speaker(s) is the control of the projector system consisting of two (2) 4K Optoma projectors illuminating on (2) 198” flush-mount tab-tensioned motorized Draper projection screens, the auxiliary displays consisting of (4) 75” Samsung 4K Commercial Displays in the rear spaces, and the partitionable sound and microphone system comprised of flush mount Bose speakers, Shure Brothers microphones, and BSS Blu-101 Sound Processing.

For the large mixology sales demonstration space, MDIS complimented floor-to-ceiling wood, metal, leather, and stone with cutting-edge audiovisual automation technology. This space was to be utilized by liquor manufacturers to teach our customer’s regional sales representatives cocktail recipes made with their liquors, in order to help our customer drive sales to restaurants and bars. In order for the bartender presenters to demonstrate effectively to everyone in the room, MDIS installed an overhead Axis Communications live streaming PTZ Camera to film what their hands were doing. Live Video was distributed throughout the space to (1) Samsung 75” 4K Commercial Display that was mounted onto an illuminated marble backsplash and (1) 110” Draper tab - tensioned motorized projection screen that was flush mounted into a custom Armstong slatted wood ceiling. Shure Brothers SLX lavalier cardioid microphones and Bose FreeSpace 70V speakers were used to provide speech reinforcement throughout the entire space at a comfortable volume. The room was controlled and driven by an AMX DVX 6x3 presentation matrix switcher, and an AMX Moderno flush mount touch panel loaded with custom AMX programming. MDIS is proud to have helped our customers’ spectators engage with their sales presenters in an immersive fashion.

For the six conference rooms, MDIS provided audiovisual solutions that highlighted ease of presentation, access, and clarity of communication. We utilized Infocus Simpleshare Presentation Systems, allowing for wireless input to Samsung 75” 4K TVs at the end of each conference room table. This eliminated the need for lengths of HDMI cable running across the room. We utilized specialized audio microphones and speakers designed to project audio across the length of the table, while maintaining discreet elegance throughout the space.

For the reception area, MDIS provided a simple and intuitive digital signage solution. We installed (1) 65” 4K Samsung Smart TV connected to a BrightSign 4K HTML5 Media Player, that allowed the broadcasting of images and media to welcome entering guests, which can be changed at will by the receptionist to accommodate what is going on that day.

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