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Draper is a custom manufacturer of precision-crafted projection screens and other audiovisual mounting accessories. Draper projection screens are amongst the highest quality that money can buy, and their material, size, technology, and functionality are fully customizable. Draper can provide excellent Electronic/Motorized Projection Screens, Fixed Projection Screens, and Rear Projection Screens. Tab-tensioned screens have a weight and a set of parabolic cables to stretch the projection canvas tight to be perfectly smooth. In comparison, more economical free-hanging screens use the weight of the screen to suspend it downward. Draper motorized screens are engaged in various ways, including automation systems, wall-mounted keypads, and many projectors themselves. Draper offers a variety of screens that support and compliment different projectors, brightnesses, resolutions, and aesthetics. Draper also manufactures complementary mounts, lifts, and cages for projectors themselves. These products are great at getting projection equipment out of sight when it is not on, retracting it up into the ceiling. Draper’s protective cage products are excellent at protecting your investment in projectors from stray balls and projectiles in hostile gymnasium environments full of mischievous adolescents. Draper is a distinctive brand to stake on which you can stake your reputation.

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