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Provide clear announcements or instructions to various zones throughout a facility.

A paging system is a hard-wired solution featuring horns or speakers arranged in zones throughout a facility, to allow reliable mass one-way communication.

Paging systems are a way to give crisp and loud one-way communication to a whole facility at once. Using a gooseneck microphone, or dialing in with a phone, a speaker is able to provide clear announcements or instructions to various zones throughout a facility. MDIS generally will install an amplifier per zone, with a wall-mounted volume control knob, so that the volume of each zone can be tuned to perfection.

Paging systems are customarily helpful and very popular in manufacturing environments, retail stores, academic areas, and healthcare facilities when announcements are a must, and individuals are constantly on the move throughout the building.

Paging systems can be configured with logic that abides by calendar scheduling and routine messages. For instance, a retail store may want to announce every day at the same time a “30 minutes till closing time” message as well as a “5 minute warning” and a “this store is now closed” message too. These scheduled messages ensure that the announcements are never missed, and that they always happen at the same time each day.

MDIS is able to link a paging system to a POTS telephone line or a VoIP telephone system, so that individuals can dial into a secure phone line from any desk or cell phone, and then by selecting the proper extension, page various zones or combinations of zones throughout a facility.

MDIS installs all paging systems using commercial shielded wire, with zones ran in parallel, to ensure that the paging system will not pick up radio frequencies through the wire that cause humming or light music constantly.

Alternatively, IP-Based paging systems are becoming increasingly popular as well. They can incorporate ceiling speakers, door stations, and can even be built into wireless access points. They are often powered using PoE+ and Category 6 Data Cabling. They can be easily managed on your network, to give you full visibility of the devices at all times.

Let your voice be heard loud and clear, by reaching out to MDIS today to learn more about how a paging system can help your facility operate at its highest!

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