Don’t let dated technology slow you down.

The advent of modern technology has redefined the industrial world, creating new solutions for age old problems regarding operational efficiency and team management. As manufacturing technology has progressed, so has the ability to better connect employees, facilities, suppliers, and customers. From Biometric Timeclocks to CCTV Security Camera Systems, MDIS provides a broad range of IT installation services to spotlight inefficiencies and provide greater control over your facilities. Furthermore, MDIS Network Infrastructures, AV Solutions, and VoIP Phone Systems promote positive client interaction. At MDIS, we understand the bottom line of your industrial manufacturing business, and thus strive to make your production process more profitable with the latest in technology advancements. Please see below for further information on how an MDIS installation can help you.

Your Benefits

Monitor and secure your facility
Secure your high speed data networks
Create better client to client interaction
Keep track of employee data and timesheets
Decrease Customer Service Ticket Times

Why Choose Us?

Deliberate, Smart, and Organized Project Management
Expert Systems Installers and Systems Engineers
Reliable, Safe, and Painless Installations
Timely and Professional Service Calls
Compliance with Industry Standards for Installation

Services Offered

Digital IP and HD Analog CCTV Camera System Solutions
Network Infrastructures, Data Cabling, and High Speed WiFi
Comprehensive Audio/Visual Solutions
Biometric Time Clocks and Access Control Systems
VoIP Phone Systems

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