An Optimized Experience Demands Immersive Sound and Brilliant Picture.

In an age where standard music playback systems have transitioned into flexible multi-room audio systems and cathode ray tube televisions have evolved into flat screen displays, projectors, and display walls, it is senseless to let a lack of technology limit your business. MDIS provides a broad range of Audio Visual (A/V) Solutions that are tailored to your business’ unique needs by our expert systems designers and installers. A/V Systems for conference and meeting rooms enhance how employees approach collaboration. A/V Systems in waiting and guest areas ensure that visitors have a comfortable and welcoming experience. At MDIS, our primary goal is to give you full control of your surroundings by providing you technolgy that both meets your needs and that you truly understand how to use. Please see below for further information on how an MDIS A/V System can help you.

What the Technology Offers

Multiple, Adjustable Listening Zones
Enhanced, Immersive, and Clear Listening Solutions
Video Conferencing, Logging, and Sharing Capabilities
User Friendly, Applicable Systems and Interfaces
Customizable Display Options

Your Benefits

Hassle-Free Streaming Services and Capabilities
Hospitable and Welcoming Guest Atmospheres
A Full Understanding of Your Equipment with Onsite Training
Enhanced Collaborative Capacity from Employees
Easier Meeting and Event Scheduling


Versatile Multi-Room Audio Systems
Video Displays, Projectors, and Touchscreen Interfaces
Immersive Video Walls and Hospitality/Info Screens
Analog or IP Speaker Solutions
Indoor / Outdoor Speakers

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